2018 Basic Income Tax Calculator

Compare taxes and marginal tax rates for both types of Canadian dividends, capital gains, and other income, for all provinces and territories, for 2013 to 2018. Tax bracket thresholds and tax credit amounts have not yet been confirmed to Canada Revenue Agency. Click…


Nova Scotia 2018 Marginal Tax Rates

We’ve revised the Nova Scotia 2018 marginal tax rate tables to reflect the additional $3,000 personal amount which is reduced at the rate of 6% in excess of taxable income over $25,000. This increases the marginal tax rate for taxable incomes between $25,000 and $75,000….


Ontario 2018 Marginal Tax Rates

We’ve revised the Ontario marginal tax rates for non-eligible dividends. Originally our table was based on their announced dividend tax rate for 2018 of 3.2863%. However, their legislation change does not reflect this rate unless the gross-up remains at 17% for 2018. It’s quite possible…