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Capital Cost Allowance

Capital cost allowance (CCA) is the depreciation that is allowed to be expensed for tax purposes for fixed assets, except land. Get information on rates, half-year rule, short fiscal year and tax incentives for clean energy equipment. Click below to read more: Capital…


RRSP Deadline Monday, March 2, 2020

March 2, 2020 is the deadline for making your RRSP contributions for the 2019 taxation year. RRSPs are one of the best tax-saving tools available to Canadians, but if you’re currently low income, TFSAs would likely be better for you. Click below to…


Working From Home Travel Expenses

An employee who normally works from home might be able to either deduct travel expenses or receive a tax-free mileage allowance for occasional travel to their employer’s place of business. Click below to read more: Working From Home Travel Expenses Source: Tax…