We customize small business accounting for today, with an eye towards your future growth.


Reach Out and Say Hello

Get the conversation started by telling us a bit about yourself. Answer less than 10 questions. Our quick form makes it easy.
We typically handle clients with $2M+ annual revenue. That said, we also handle accounts with annual revenue ranging from $100K to $10M and service many start-ups!
The companies we work for tend to have between 1 and 50 employees.
We provide accounting, bookkeeping and tax advice for growing businesses in just about every sector.

Onboarding Process | Reach Out and Say Hello | Reydman & Associates


Make a Date

Once we decide we’re right for each other, we’ll ask you to topline your needs with one of our team members.
Need the services of a CPA to help untangle your books or set you up from scratch? We do that.
Need a tax whiz to advise you on new government initiatives or work-from-home deductions? We do that too.
Need help with Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable? We’ll help you get set up with the right tools and help you manage the process.

Onboarding Process | Make A Date | Reydman & Associates


Getting to know you.

Now we take a deeper dive into your small business accounting needs. Tell us your pain points, what you feel you can handle and what you want to offload to experts.
Tell us about red flags, sacred cows and landmines. Chances are, we have experience dealing with them.
Our in-depth analysis considers your present situation and your future goals to help you make informed decisions. It also enables us to select the technology stack we’ll use to help deliver your small business accounting services.

Onboarding Process | Getting To Know You | Reydman & Associates


Planning forward.

Here’s where we pull back the curtain and tell you what we can do for you. You’re in control: either choose our customized accounting solution or mix and match parts of it, however you see fit.
Take advantage of accounting, tax planning and advice, and payroll services under one virtual roof.
Start off smaller. Engage us for more services as your business grows.
Our tax whizzes, CPAs and payroll experts are available to answer our clients’ questions in a timely manner. So bring them on, whether they’re big or small! Not a client yet? Set up a consulting session to get your questions answered.

Onboarding Process | Planning Forward | Reydman & Associates


Getting you onboarded.

By now we’ve dotted all the I’s and crossed all the t’s, giving you a clear idea of what to expect. Next step: our simple and easy set-up process.
Things to have handy: Your incorporation papers, your GST/HST/PST numbers and your most recently filed financial statements and tax returns.
You’ll receive secure access to Karbon (our client management tool), to upload documents when you need.
You’ll choose an encrypted password to get access at any time to your year-end deliverables via our client cloud portal.

Onboarding Process | Getting you Onboarded | Reydman & Associates


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