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Frequently asked Questions

I already have an accountant. Why should I go through all the trouble to make a switch?

Does your accountant specialize in small business and their special needs? Does your accountant pick-up and drop-off your financial statements? Does your current accountant ensure that you pay all your taxes on time? Does your accountant spend the time each month answering your questions? Does your current accountant identify tax issues before they become a problem? Does your current accountant offer a low-cost payroll solution that doesn’t break your bank? Well, we at Reydman & Associates offer all those services and more.

I’m thinking of changing but shouldn’t I wait until after year end when I get my tax return back?

You’ve taken the first step by acknowledging you aren’t getting the services you require or managing your tax liability with your current accountant. It might seem like waiting would be a smart move but that decision is going to cost you more money. People & businesses change accountants through out the year and it isn’t a problem. Losing money – that’s a problem.

I can’t afford monthly accounting service, my business is too small. How much do you charge an hour?

We agree – charging by the hour is a costly solution. Every time you pick up the phone to ask a question the clock starts ticking. That’s why we offer an affordable monthly rate that includes your financial statement preparation, tax planning, tax remittance preparation, and business advice. We offer a no-obligation quote for our services, so you have the information you need to make the right decision.

But how can a small business owner like me afford a monthly accounting service?

We don’t just specialize in small businesses, we set our fees for a small business budget as well. And the services offered by Reydman & Associates are designed to actually save money. By actively working with you each month on tax planning and good business management, we will save you more than we cost you. In fact, we’re able to do that with most of our clients. You won’t have to worry about leaving money on the table at the end of every month.

I spend my whole day looking after the business. How much time will I have to make for you?

We specialize in small businesses and understand that in most cases, your life and most of your time is focused on your business. You’re busy. We’re busy too. With over 20 years experience in dealing with small businesses, we’ve been able to develop systems and processes that are built around the special needs of a small business owner. That’s why we make house calls and come to your place of business. We also help bring more order to your collection of financial information and streamline the time and effort it takes to collect your information.

My husband/wife looks after the accounting for me. What do I need you for?

There is quite a bit that a non-professional, who loves you, can help you with. But when you get audited, or want a loan or wish to significantly reduce your taxes by expert tax planning, using a good accountant who specializes in these areas will be very important to you.

I do all the bookkeeping myself because I want to know what’s going on in my business. How will I know what’s happening if I give it to someone else?

Our services are geared toward addressing your financial & tax requirements, not only your bookkeeping. There are new tax laws, audit, loans and tax planning that you may not be prepared to handle properly on your own. We agree that it is critical that business owners continue to maintain control over the money coming in and out of their company. Choose between the CONNECT software or our QuickBooks Online integration to help reduce the time you are spending on this function. That will free up additional time to focus on your business and find ways to make more money.

I bought the QuickBooks/Simply Accounting software for that. What good would an accountant do me?

It’s amazing what can be accomplished with computers today. But there are some things that a computer can’t do such as understanding you and your goals. A computer can’t advise you what deductions are legal for your company or help you interpret the tax laws and how they might affect you. We too use computers in our office to process your information every month, but we review each item to ensure that your financial conditions and tax situation are conducive to you reaching your goals.

Are you a bookkeeper or an accountant?

We’re accountants. Mina Reydman, is a Chartered Professional Accountant and Brant Pour is an Accountant with a Master Degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Manchester (United Kingdom).

How long have you been in business?

We have been providing accounting and tax services to numerous businesses like yours in the greater Toronto area for over 20 years.

Cut to the chase. What’s the cost?

You’d be surprised. We deal exclusively with Small Businesses. Our processes, our systems, our support – it’s all built around small business clients and their needs. Our prices are reasonable. And they end up paying for themselves in tax savings. We need to understand a bit more about your business in order to provide you a quote. Call us today to arrange a no-obligation quote.

Isn’t my business too small for an accountant to work with?

We specialize in Small businesses and their special requirements. You can’t afford to wait before you put your financial records in order or start thinking about an accountant. Waiting will likely contribute to future problems in your business and it will end up being more costly to you. It is important that Small Businesses get good advice no matter the size or the age of the business. Good advice is even more valuable to a Small Business Owner because you don’t always have the resources to recover from mistakes made as a result of poor planning or lack of information.

What our clients think of us

Brant and his team have been our accountant since 2003, I am totally impressed by his timely service, professionalism and his excellent knowledge of Florist and wire services accounting. They always shows interest and care about our business needs. He helped us put our books in order, and we have peace of mind. I strongly recommend any small business to use their services.

Claire Rose Ihasz - Ladybug Florist in the Village

We have been with Padgett and now Reydman & Associates since 1999, we are very pleased with their prompt and timely services, our questions are always answered, we are current with all our taxes, and we have complete peace of mind.

Steve Lim

It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and your team. My small business has had wonderful growth over the last ten years but only since I started working with you,  do I feel like I have grasp on this side of things. You, your support staff and the systems you have in place have taken a huge amount of work and stress off my shoulders. Thank you.


Meghan Telpner, Founder of The Academy of Culinary Nutrition

Brant, Mina and their team have been taking care of our accounting since 2003. From the beginning on Brant Pour has been an excellent Partner for my small business. Under his leadership their firm has offered nothing but efficient, trustworthy and knowledgeable service. Their advice is always helpful. I would recommend any small business to use their services .

Daniel Stubbe - Stubbe Chocolates & Pastry Ltd.

Mina and her colleagues are knowledgeable and responsive, and quick to go above and beyond.

Sharilyn Hale - Founder and Principal

Mina and her team are totally committed to supporting growing enterprises by providing the counsel that they need - not always what they want to hear.  This means they are laser-focused on the big picture and providing the financial reporting and tax advice that is completely built on a foundation of integrity - doing things the right way.  This pays dividends for any enterprise long into the future.

George Horhota - Owner - Accelerator Strategies Inc.

Mina and the team at Reydman & Associates have been successfully managing the accounting for The Corporate Yogi for more than a year. They are such a critical part of our success and allow me to focus on my core business. I’m truly thankful for all their hard work, advice and wealth of knowledge. They truly understand what it’s like to grow a new business and I would recommend them highly.


Julie Zuzek - The Corporate Yogi Inc.

Effective and efficient. I'm a believer of hiring experts to do things you do not have the knowledge for, and they have done a great job running my personal and business accounting.


Sol Orwell - Director of Strategy

"I LOVE your service and feel your company has been the bedrock of all our financial management needs."


Zee Jeremic - Managing Director

It's been about a year or so since Mina's team commenced handling my business accounting and I'm very happy with the service. Mina and the staff are very proficient and on the ball with returns and monthly bookkeeping. I would instantly recommend their services.


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